The members of Climax Golden Twins can´t stand still and spend all their time pursuing new and bold endeavors around the world. Let´s take a look at some of the past and present activities you might not know they were up to:

Did You Know Robert Millis Put Out A Spanish-Spoken Book?

La presencia del sonido

“La presencia del sonido” is the name of the book and it was edited by the Fundación Botín from Santander in Spain. It features some of the knowledge Robert Millis has gathered through collecting records and experimenting music for almost all his life.

Did You Know Scott Colburn Worked At KEXP?

It happened between the years 2001 and 2008. He was an on-call broadcast mixer for all sorts of live transmissions in their own home town of Seattle, WA, but also doing it in remote locations such as NYC and Chicago. The radio station is very well-known for supporting new bands and giving air to unorthodox music makers around the world.

Did You Know Robert Millis Put Out Documentary Films On DVD?

Sublime Frequencies is the name of the label for which he edited, filmed and produced the documentary videos. Designed specifically to create the awesome you are there effect in the viewer with a complete absence of narrated words, and relying completely on sounds from the ambience and music, the primary focus of the entire series is abstraction. In addition to the video work with sublime, Robert also contributed much of his field recordings in SE Asia and Nepal for CD compilations, and he also designed many covers for LPs and CDs released by the label.

Did You Know Scott Colburn Worked As Sound Designer For Video Games?

Scott Colburn

Since the year 2014, Scott worked with Dragon Foundry and Fixer Studios in Seattle to create sounds for video games. Sinister Dexter was developed for mobile phones and the wizard spell sound effects design was in charge of Scott, as well as the production of voice-over acting.

He also worked in Nova Blitz, a card-trading game to be played in real time, similar to Magic and available for both PC and mobile platforms. He contributed with gameplay sounds that will fit the exact virtual world created for the game. The specific challenge with the game was to design and also implement a complete sound experience.

When they are not travelling the world looking for old records and strange sounds, they are producing music for video games and operating world-wide shows for radio. They just can´t stand still! Take these restless people as an example and follow your passion!