Gig Rundown – How Do Climax Golden Twins Make Their Experimental Rock Music?

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Experimental rock music has evolved a lot in recent times. With its penchant to push common composition limits and performance style, the genre holds a special place in the industry. Of the various names that pop up when you mention experimental rock music, Climax Golden Twins is a notable one. First – The Inspiration Inspiration are the key, yet always … Read More

YouTube Videos With Most Views

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Everybody is familiar with YouTube and almost everybody is dead addicted to the site. This American video sharing website has enthralled its customers with a plethora of services that include video sharing, video uploading, and subscription to your favourite channels. Having an account on YouTube enables you to view a wide range of videos from every possible domain starting from … Read More

5 Most Remarkable Sounds Made

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  Step into this selection and find out which are the top 5 most iconic, remarkable sounds ever made and recorded. 1. Matroymin Ensemble // Largest Theremin Ensemble In the city of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan, the Matroymin ensemble, with 273 players gathered to break the Guinness World Record and set a new one for “Largest Theremin Ensemble” in the history … Read More