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The Victrola Favorites Listening Parlour
Presented here especially for You are a number of selections from our Fine Catalogue of compilations, guaranteed to provide several seconds of listening Pleasure and wonderment. These rare and Delightful performances are presented here as monophonic Mpeg Audio Layer 3 (or "MP3") files of the highest quality and most Amiable demeanor.

These recordings were digitally encoded at a constant bitrate of 64kbps with a sample rate of 22 kHz. These specifications were Carefully selected so as to provide maximum fidelity during reproduction while simultaneously minimizing your downloading time.

If you are in need of a suitable playing mechanism, may we suggest WinAmp for users of the Windows operating system, or Apple iTunes, suitable for those utilizing either the Macintosh or Windows computing devices.

Both of these fine MP3 playing systems (and others) are available to You at no charge.


Our latest additions...

Chinese opera
Unknown Chinese opera troupe
(3:23 - 3.2 mb)
From Victrola Favorites vol. 5,
Chinese Opera

Unknown Burmese musicians
(2:35 - 2.4 mb)
From Victrola Favorites vol. 4,
Alvarius Burmese

Irving Aaronson and His Commanders
(3:10 - 3 mb)
Victor 21888
From Victrola Favorites vol. 10,
Jazz, Pop, and Novelty tunes from the 1920s

Old favorites...

Nobody Never Ever Let Me In On Nothin'
Hamtree Harrington
(3:23 - 1.6 mb)
Brunswick #2588 (Released Feb. 1924)
From Victrola Favorites vol. 10,
Jazz, Pop, and Novelty Tunes from the 1920s

a Turkish tale (title unknown)
artist unknown
(3:11 - 1.5 mb)
From Victrola Favorites vol. 9,
Turkish Delights

a ukele song
Frank Ferrera
(2:44 - 1.3 mb)
From Victrola Favorites vol. 7,
Hawaiian Music

I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again
Kelly Harrell
(2:47 - 1.3 mb)
Victor Orthophonic Records #20242 (Rec. Jan. 7, 1925)
From Victrola Favorites vol. 8,
Hillbilly, Country and Folk Music

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