What Next For The Session 9 Soundtrack Geniuses

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After a critically acclaimed OST for the horror movie in 2001, the geniuses behind the suspenseful, ambient, gloomy and dark music that combines with the horror film´s growing tension had given a huge step. As with most achievements, the question is: What next? How to outdo themselves and create something even better? In 2002, the band came out with Lovely … Read More

5 Most Remarkable Sounds Made

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  Step into this selection and find out which are the top 5 most iconic, remarkable sounds ever made and recorded. 1. Matroymin Ensemble // Largest Theremin Ensemble In the city of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan, the Matroymin ensemble, with 273 players gathered to break the Guinness World Record and set a new one for “Largest Theremin Ensemble” in the history … Read More

Is Eerie Fragrance Their Best Album Yet?

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Eerie fragrance is the name the band gave to the reissue of one of their most iconic albums from the first era, also known as Eyeless Fabrication. The original version issued in 1995 was entirely made of cassettes. The new version with the new name is presented in a more proper sonic platform such as vinyl. Permanent Evolution The album … Read More

Top 5 Discographies Ever Made

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There could be countless versions of this article, but let´s focus on our take, trying to stay far away from the cliché’s and discover something new. The Butthole Surfers   The band formed in 1981 in San Antonio, TX, with Gibby Haynes and Paul Leary, later joined by steady member and drummer King Coffey. These Southern Rockers lean heavily on … Read More